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 Xanthakis Vangelis
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  • Profile of Grand Master (V) Vangelis  Xanthakis
    Founder  & Chairman of the General Tienchai Sirisumpan World Muay Thai Acdemy



  • Date of birth October 29, October 1964!
    Academic Achievement :Conservator of Antiquities and work of ArtL/ Editor Journalist/. I.A.M.T.F. Program  Physical Education of Thailand  /Chinese Acupuncture/Thai Massage /Sports Psychology/Philosophy
    169 cm
    80 Kgs

  • Muay Thai -Muay Boran -kick Boxing -Kung Fu.
    Pioneer of MuayThai Boran & Kick Boxing in Greece.

  • Founder of the Hellenic  Muay Thai  & kick Boxing Federation in 1998 and elected as President(1997- to date).

  • Commissioner of the World Muay Boran Federation (WMBF) for the Greece.
    Elected as a Vice President  of the European Confederation Muay Thai

  • Elected as a member of the Executive Board of the WMF)
    Founded Member of  World Muay Thai Federation W.M.F.2004

  • Founded the General Tienchai Sirisumpan World Muay Thai Boran Academy & Royal Body Guard  Academy  and was elected as a President.

    Vangelis Xanthakis is one of the best and most famous martial artists of Greece and even the Asian world.
    He possesses a long list of awards and his achievements are too many to recount.
    In the Greece, Vangelis Xanthakis is regarded as the pioneer of combat sports.
    He founded the Hellenic Muay Thai Kick Boxing Federation and the Panathinea Muay Thai Association/General Tienchai Academy.
    For both of these institutions, he served as the President & General Secretary.

    Not being satisfied with just his home country, Vangelis Xanthakis also sought to promote martial arts in the other countries of the African and European world.

    He is also the founder of General Tienchai Academy.
    He serves as the official representative in the Greece & Tunisia for the Amarit Organization.
    In 2007 he has been awarded the rank of 14th Khan (Master of MuayThai) by the  Institute of Thai martial arts, (A.I.T.M.A. of Muay Thai Teachers) & Kru Muay Association of Thailand.
    In 2015,Vangelis Xanthakis he has been awarded the high title Doctorate of Martial Arts Ph.D. (W.M.B.A.)
    In 2016, Vangelis Xanthakis finally earned the Degree of Grand Master Kru 18 th Radub  in MuayThai Muay Boran which authorizes
    Amarit Muay Warrior Institute  him to use the title of Grand Master.

    Grand Master  Xanthakis Vangelis (born 1964) is a Master teacher who has devoted his whole life to the Art and Practice of MuayThai & Kung Fu.
    Unlike many other martial art masters in modern times who have long since retired, Grand Master Xanthakis Vangelis continues to teach his multitude of students, every day. He is also the link between the Masters of old and modern times. He is the last of the great martial art masters.

    A significant part of his philosophy includes the practice of humility. Grand Master Xanthakis Vangelis teaches that, “hard work is the foundation of MuayThai and of life.
    But hard work alone will not accomplish everything; and alone, it will not earn the respect of your students. It must be accompanied by humility.
    Humility is the willingness to help those who need it, and the modesty to not flaunt our own abilities. Humility breeds respect. We must always remember this”.

    Grand Master Xanthakis Vangelis world headquarters is located in Vironas City (Greece).

    Grand Master Xanthakis Vangelis says, ‘When you come into class from the busyness of your life, you forget everything. There no time for distraction, no choice but to concentrate so you can catch the constantly changing movements.’ But if the practice stays on a purely physical or mental level, it will not transform you. Muay Thai is a lifestyle.
    Honesty, respect, and self-control mark a truly discipline martial artist.
    Grand Master Xanthakis Vangelis is a living model of these truths. His humility inspires.



Μy position today:

President of Hellenic  Muay Federation
President of National Foundation for Culture
President of Panathinea Association
President Judges & Referee of Hellenic  Muay Federation
Vice President & coordinator for Europe I.P.M.T.A (IRAN)
Vice President E.M.C. MuayThai (CZECH)
President of A.F.S.O. Greece
Director Of Rules and Regulations AMARIT (Thailand)
Executive Member Rule Commission E.M.C Muay (swiss)
Director Of Rules and Regulations W.M.F. (Thailand)
Honorary Director of MuayThai section (Czech Board of Fighting Sports and Martial Council) C.R.B.S.B.U.
The Highest Honor a Member Songshan Shaolin Temple Damo TAIWAN

  •  Curriculum Vitae for Martial Arts

  • Assisted in the invitiation and establishment of the Europe, Muay Thai Federations.

  • Invited as an expert to organize a number of training ,management seminars and championships in Greece and Europe.

  • Acted as an advisor to a number of high ranked officials in Greece and was assigned for a considerable number of years to date to develop the capacities and skills of special tactical units in the Police & Army and the Internal Security Forces.

  • Owner of Asian Martial Arts sports club considered as the house of Kung Fu  & Kick Boxing and Muay Thai in Greece.

  • *Assisted in the invitation and establishment of the Europe, Muay Thai Federations.
    *Invited as an expert to organize a number of training, management seminars and championships in Greece and Europe.
    *Acted as an advisor to a number of high ranked officials in Greece and was assigned for a considerable number of years to date to develop the capacities and skills of special tactical units in the Police & Army and the Internal Security Forces.
    *Owner of Asian Martial Arts sports club considered as the house of Kung Fu & Kick Boxing and Muay Thai in Greece.
    *Today I am holding the highest rank in Greece Grand Master Kru Golden Mongkol /Preajeat-From the First 2 Grand Master of the World
    (Amarit ,Muay Warrior Institute)
    *8 Dan Kick Boxing
    *Si-Fu (Kung-Fu)
    *Instructor (Gold Level) 4 Dan
    *Special Instructor for Children Self Protection (P.O.A.A.)
    *Instructor for Woman Self Protection (P.O.A.A)
    *Member of Technical Committee of Organization (P.O.A.A.)
    Pan-Hellenic Organization of Self-defense and
    Official representative for Switzerland from the World organization of self-defense and protection.
    Black Belt 1 Dan Tae Kwon Do E.T.U.(Europe)

    Martial Arts Background in

             Kung Fu ,Wing Chun, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Arnis Escrima- Traditional MuayThai Boran ,Boxing, Kick-boxing, Sikaran, Kali, Krabbi Krabong, Penchak Silat, Taekwondo.



             Seminar  & Training

    1                   1975-2016


    • Guro Dan Inosanto(Usa,Germany,England)
    • Sifu Larry Hartsell(Usa)
    • Guro Greg Nelson(Usa)
    • Gouru Leo Giron(Usa)
    • Guro Gass Magda(Usa-Greece)
    • Guro Tony Garos(Usa-Greece)
    • Guro Jef Espinous (France-Greece)
    • Guro Timm Taket(Usa-Greece)
    • Sifu Frank Cucci(Usa)
    • Sifu Burton Richardson(Usa)
    • Sifu Rick Faye(Usa)
    • Grand Master of Wing Chun William Chang (England-Australia-Greece)
    • Grand Master Moy Yat (Usa)
    • Grand Master Yip (China)
    • Grand Master Chu Shong Tin (China)
    • Grand Master Chow Sze Chun (China)
    • Grand Master Besar Perguruan(Indonisia)
    • Grand Master Cun Cun Wahyud(Indonisia)
    • Grand Master Cheng Wing Lan (China-Malaysia-France-Greece)
    • Sifu Lee Chong)China-Malaysia-France-Greece
    • Sifu Sunny Chang(Hong Kong-Greece)
    • Sifu David Ferclaff Wing Chun (England)
    • Grand Master of Wing Tsun Yip Ching(Hong Kong)
    • Grand Master Lun Gai (Foshan,China)
    • Grand Master of Wing Chun Moy Yat(Hong Kong –Usa)
    • Grand Master Pan Am (Foshan,China)
    • Grand Master Sekiguchi Takaaki (komei)Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu (Greece-Holland)
    • GrandMaster Yodthong Sriwaraluk(Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai (Woody) Chinawut Shirisumpan(England)IAMTF
    • Grand Master  of  MuayThai (Krin)Kriensak Sirisamphand(England)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Pajon Muangson (Sukhotai University)(Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai & Krabbi Krabbong  Channarong Suhongsa (Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Jarusdej Ulit (Sukhotai University,Bangkok)Thailand IAMTF
    •  Grand Master Pajon Muangson(Thailand-England)IAMTF
    • Grand Master Natchaphol Bunlengradit(Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master Pranorm Aumpin(Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master Pog Vongmuangjantha(IAMTF)
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Natchaphol Bunlengradit (SarakhamRajabhatUniversity) Thailand-IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Of  Phraya Pichai Dabhak  Dr.Sompon Sangchai (Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Phosawat Saengsawang (SarakhamRajabhatUniversity) Thailand-IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Pranorm Aumpin (Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master Yuttana(IAMTF)
    • Grand Master Prawat Sukwiphat(Thailand-England)(IAMTF)
    • Grand Master Prapas Boonsuk(IAMTF)
    • Grand Master Salukkiat(Porm) IAMTF
    • Legend Master "Sagat"Sakad Petchyindee(317 Fights,151Nockouts.(IAMTF-WMF)
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Deycha (Thailand)WMF/AMARIT
    •  Grand Master Sueb Hhundakowsolaya (Thailand)IAMTF
    • Grand Master Anan Meksawan(IAMTF)
    • Assistant Grand Master Prayuth Vongpraramat(WMF)
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Nong Seanglaw (judjess & Refferee Training) Thailand-WMF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Sueb Chuundakowsolaya(UniversitySrinakarinwirot) Thailand.IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Krabbi Krabbong Wichit Checheon (Thailand/England)IAMTF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Sanae Tubtimtong (Thailand)WMF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Sagan Gawpradung(Sken)England IAMTF
    • Grand Master Charnnarong Singharat(Thailand)WMF
    • Assistant Master of Muay Thai Pornkaew Limmongkhonchaikul (Thailand/Greece)IAMTF/WMF
    • Grand Master of Muay Thai Prayuth Vongaramat(Thailand)WMF
    • GrandMaster of Muay Thai Ronnie Green(England)IAMTF/WMF
    • GrandMaster of Muay Thai Detlef Tuernau (Germany)IAMTF/WMF/IKBF
    • Col.KGB Dynamo ORF Vladimir Nikolaidis (Russia-Greece)
    • Si-Fu Shi Miao Dien (Shaolin Tu Na)36 Generation Shaolin
    • Abbot  Shi Heng Jun (Shaolin Tu Na)35 Generation Shaolin


    •               20 time awarded by the Thai boxing committee

    •               My certificate (Kru) Teacher is signed by General Tienchai Sirisumpan(President of I.A.M.T.F. )

    •               By the leader of the royal army of Thailand

    •               By the leader of the Special forces units of Thailand

    •               By the ministry of education of Thailand

    •               By the ministry of culture of Thailand

    •               By the prime minister of Thailand

    •               By the president of A.M.A.T.

    •               By the president of I.A.M.T.F

    •               By the president of I.M.T.F

    •               By the president of W.M.T.C.

    •               By the president of E.M.F

    •               By the president of  A.I.M.T.A

    •               By the president of  K.M.T

    •               By the president of  KENDO/IAIDO/NAGINATA

    •               By the president of W.M.T.C- W.M.C

    •              By the president of SAVATE

    •               By the president of W.M.F

    •               By the president of E.M.C MUAYTHAI

    •              By the governor of Sukhothai

    •               By the governor of Ayutthaya

    •               By the governor of Chiang Mai

    •               By the Ambassadors  of Royal Thai Embassy

    •               Holding the royal seal by King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    •           I have the exclusive use of the name of General Tienchai   Sirisumpan for Muay Thai Academy, father of modern Muay Thai and Founder (Rangers) of Royal Thai Army Special Forces.

    •My certificate (Arjarn –Master of Muay Thai 17 Feb 2007) is signed by Grand Master Dr.Channarong Suhongsa A.I.T.M.A and Examining  by Grand Master Ph.D Phosawat Saengsawang) University of Majaharat

    •My certificate (Grand Master Kru of Muay Thai Muay Boran 2015) is signed by Borromakrou Deycha Nitayaros(Director of Physical Education) "AMARIT MUAY WARRIOR INSTITUTE OF THAILAND"

    I participated to:

    •           20 worldwide championships in Thailand with

    •           12 European Muay Championships IAMTF/IMTF/WMF/EMC/EMCMUAY/IFMA.

    •           I participated to all International Congresses concerning Muay Thai 1995-2016.

    •           I participated to all European Congresses concerning Muay Thai 1995-2016.

    •           I participated and supported the 1st Worldwide Championship of Muay Thai

             W.M.F the unique Official Worldwide Federation of Muay Thai.

    •           I am the ONLY ONE in Greece who is promoting Thailand so much in

                Contradiction with the official representative of Tourism of Thailand in   Greece.

    •           I organized 16  Hellenic National Championships of Muay Thai IAMTF/WMF ,1 World IAMTF Friendship with 27 countries,10International Title,Cup,Belt,5 Festival Heritage Muay Thai Panathinea,
    1 Cup of Muay Thai of Central Greece, 1 Cup of Muay Thai of North Greece and over 1000 collective games.

    •           I organized the 1st Worldwide Championship of Muay Thai Friendship        Athens   participating 27 countries.

    •           I organized 15 Summer Camp at Limnos, Crete, Samos, Naxos, Serifos and Kos islands with the main aim to promote Thailand’s culture.

    •           I organized numerous Muay Thai and Martial Arts seminars with Thai & China Grand Masters in Greece 1985-2016.

    •           Infinity times I presented and been interviewed by several national   and private T.V channels in order to promote Thailand and Muay Thai.

    •           Many consecrations had been written at several magazines and I personally wrote articles as journalist for the promotion of Thailand.

    •           I am the sole who had been truly interested (with my personal job and personal money) and I published interviews of the Formers’ Ambassadors.

    •           My piece of work is certainly huge and essential. The awards I have been taken by the Minister of Culture and from the Government, certify my very hard job.

    •           I organized educational Muay Thai, Thai Massage &Training to Greece 1990-2016.

    •           There is none Greek person like me that has been offered so many things during these years, with his personal expenses and time for the promotion of Thailand.


    Thai Massage School of Chang Mai ,TMC 1,2,3 level

    Athens Massage & Yoga Academy

    Universal Healing Arts Center (Thailand  Chang Mai)

    Academy For Traditional Chinese Medicine )Beijing,China

    Thai traditional Medical Services Society (Thailand)

    Ancient  Tok Sen Massage (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos)

    Interactive Yoga Therapy

    Massage in Pregnancy & Labour

    Raynor Technique of Therapeutic Massage

    Su jok (Korean Massage)


    Traumatology, Chinese massage and Herbal Healing

    Electro acupuncture

    Cupping Therapy

    Reiki  (Master 3 Level)


    Traditional Training method Massage from Vietnam, Turkey, Laos, India, Cambodia, China.

    • I have received training abroad with a 100% percentage of success regarding: escorting golden children, VIP escorting, concert security (perimeter guarding & hallway organization), Terrorist activity, explosive devices, crowd control, and vehicle control, hallway organization in embassies and multinational companies, banks.
    • I was trainer for Greek Special Armed Forces.
    • I have also received special first aid training.
    • I am a member of the Hellenic Target practice union.
    • Escorts of Presidents of multinational companies
    • Personal guarding and escorting of
    • General Tienchai Sirisumpan (former prime minister of Thailand, founder of Royal Thai special forces (Rangers),former leader of the royal army)
    • Minister of education
    • Minister of sports
    • Diplomats of Thailand


             Training Russia:(Siberia)Moscow/Krasnoyarsk/Vladivostok/ Germany/Romania/Thailand/Myanmar/France/Greece

    Bodyguard VIP Security Professional

    1.James Brown(rap star),2.Public Enemy(hip/hop group)

    3.Doors(Rock group),4.Scorpions(classic rock group)

    5.Saxon(rock group),6.Mettalica(heavy metal group)

    7. Pink Floyd,8. Rockwave Festival 1996-2013

    9.Guns N'Roses,10.Europe,11.Chris Cornell,12.Heaven and Hel

    13.Dream Theater,14.George Michel,15.Robert Plant,16.Fly Beeyond Festival

    17.Open Air Festival Gagarin,18.AC/DC,19.Sonisphere Festival(Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth,Antrax)

    20.Bob Dylan,21.Ramstatein Tour 2010,22.Global Dance Festival(Arrnin Van Buuren)

    23.Rihanna,24.Live in Athens 2010,25.Sokratis Malamas,26.FatBoy Slim,The Ting Tings,DjShadow,White Lies,Garcia,Plays Kyuss,27.The black Eyed peas,Faithless,AvivGeffen,K.Bhta,Transistor

    28.Massive Attack,Ska-P,Gogol Bordelo,Giannis Aggelakas,Peyoti For President

    29.Eject Rocks Festival,30.Tiesto,31.Kosmos Festival 1

    32.Solomon Burke,Nicola Conte,Yasmin Levy,Sophie Dellila,The Burger Project,Orishas,Bajofondo,Tinariwen,DubInc.

    33.Vasilis Papakostantinou,34.Synch Festival,35.Music Festival Cosmic

    36.Femi Kuti,Chk chk chk,Nneka,Ska Cubano,Maraveyas Ilegal,Roy Paci & Aretuska

    37.Bon Jovi,38.Fly Beeyond Festival,39.Mastodon,Mydying Bride,Dirt Spawn,Disease,Heven and Hell,DreamTheater,Iced Earth,Anathema,Kinetic.

    40.Robert Plant,Europe,Chris Cornel,41.Iron Maiden,42.Rock Em All Festival

    43.Lenny Kravitz,44.Depech Mod ,The Raveonettes,Schiller,45.Gagarin Air Festival

    46.Def Leppard,47.WhiteSnake,48.George Micheal,49.Pulp,50.Micheal Hatzigiannis

    51.pyx Lax (Olympic Stadium),52.Leonard Cohen,53.Gary Moore,54.Link Park

    55.Sokratis Malamas,56.kosmos Festival  2,57.James,58.Roxy Music,59.Madonna,and more..........

    60.The Stranglers,61.Prodigy,62.James Blunt,63.Thivery Corporation,64.Deep Purple

    65.Dream Theater,66.Theatre Rocks (James Addiction),67.Sunshine Reggae Festival,68 Cirque du Soleil ‘Alegria”2012,69 Cirque du Soleil ‘Dralion”2013

  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

    • Certified Chief Instructor Kru ( 1995 ) by the IAMTF  from General Tienchai Sirisumpan

    • Awarded the degree of Arjarn ( Master ) (Thailand Grand Master Phosawat 7 Grand Master Channarong - 2007 ),

    • Certified First Class Category trainer of Muay Thai by the Tienchai Academy within the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

    • Certified as an International Thai Boxing Referee by the IAMTF/WBC/WMTC/IMC/IMTF/WMF/HAMTF/HMTBF/ ( 1995-2012 )

    • Trainer of the Greek National Thai Boxing team   ( 1995-to date ).  

  • Grand Master Kru Xanthakis Vangelis. Has been training in Martial Arts Kung -FU & after Traditional Muay Thai since Martial Arts  1973.
    Closed door student of Grand Master Chinawuth Sirisompan (Master Woody) and Grand Master Pajon Muangson, and after many Grand Masters from Thailand teach .

  • In 2007 he has been awarded the rank of 14th Khan  Master Of Muay Thai by the

  • Official  Goverment Organization A.I.T.M.A  Grand Master Phosawat  & Grand Master Channarong in Thailand.
    In 2016 he has been awarded the rank of Grand Master 18 Radub(Golden Mongkol) by the official

  • He is the Technical Director and founder of World

  • MuayThai  Boran Academy (TIENCHAI), since 1990  today  is

  • wide spread all over the world, and the Academy’s branches

  • are now present in many  countries in  the World.

  • As a Muay Boran teacher he specializes in Mae Mai and Look Mai techniques and in the

  • held in Bangkok National Stadium.

  • He has been a professional boxers’ trainer  and he has coached 21 World Muay IAMTF/WMTC/WMC/IMTF/WMF/EMC/WMBF/IPMTF/IPMTA/AMAT/MAT/IMC/WPMF/

  • Thai Champions and 18 European Champions.

  • Vangelis Xanthakis , known to his students as  Grand Master (V) Kru 18 th Radub), is the founder and Chairman of the General Tienchai Sirisumpan World MuayThai Boran Academy  of the Greece.


  • Grand Master Kru Xanthaki's  Vangelis belief on why we should Grade
    Grading is for everybody who trains in Traditional Muay Thai whether you are a younger student or an older adult, fighter or Instructor. As the more qualified students become through grading the standard of Muay Thai will increase and the more unified and stronger our Muay Thai group will become. It will give every practitioner a sense of achievement allowing them to be confident in whatever they want
    to be in their chosen sport of Muay Thai
    Grade and be recognized through one of the leading Amarit Muay Warrior Institute of the World.
    Grade under a true Master of Thailand Kingdom
    Grading systems for beginners to Radub Grades  "AMARIT  MUAY WARRIOR INSTITUTE""
    Grade and earn regular income from your school
    If you would like to become a part of  Grand Master Xanthaki's world renowned team Contact Us

    [email protected]   


  • The Path of How to become a Master

    The path to becoming a Master of Muay Thai is not as straightforward as one may think! For there is no easy route one can follow in this Endeavour. Not even for those who have had the most experience, or even the greatest Champions of the Boxing Ring!

    The reasons for this are many and varied, but basically we can say that even the best of even the Greatest Champions is not guaranteed to be able to teach what he knows or pass on that invaluable knowledge. Likewise, someone who is a good Teacher in many aspects of the Art may not be able to instill in his Students the ability to become a Champion of the Ring.

  • A Master or even Grand Master of Muay Thai needs to have all these qualities in 1 person, himself, and have many more! In fact, we can say that he must be the embodiment of the Art and live it every day! Some of the qualities he should have are - a full understanding of the History, Traditions and Techniques of Muay Thai & be able to communicate it to all levels of Students. He should be of good character & have respect for himself, others and all of life. He should be willing to totally commit himself to the Endeavour of becoming a Master of this Martial Art no matter how long it may take. He should also show the same commitment to his Students!

  • Even if a Teacher has most of the previously mentioned qualities - the experience, skills & knowledge of Muay Thai, or the commitment, this will not necessarily guarantee him of the accolade of Master. For there is 1 last hurdle he must clear, he will require the acceptance & acknowledgement of his abilities from his peers (other Masters). Unlike as in some other Martial Arts over the last few years, where people have reached a certain Level and then Granted themselves dubious Titles, Tradition still plays a very important role in Muay Thai and the candidates for this Title must have the full backing of a Committee of the current Masters as well as Representatives of the Department of Physical Education, Thailand.

  • 2016 Copyright Muay Boran (Greece) - All Rights Reserved